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Carrot Badam Paal Payasam

Recipe marathon2# 30th day T oday is the last day of recipe marathon. I feel happy about to run along with all participants in RM#2 successfully. In one way I feel, wow!!! I completed the whole 30 days & also I feel hmmmm…. it’s up…. Now ending entry with delicious payasam (desert)….While exploring priya’s blog I got idea to prepare this dish & it came out delicious Though all r in their busy schedule, passing valuable comments… Bunch of thanks to friends cum participants ….. Due to my work stuff I’m unable to leave comments regularly... I’m really sorry for it….Now please, have a desert….cheers…. Carrot (medium) -1 no Raw rice –3/4 handful (around1.5 tbs) Badam - 8 nos Poppy seed -1 tbs Condensed milk -1/2 cup Milk -1/2 liter Sugar -2 tbs Elachi -3 nos Saffron -2 strands Grate carrot & cook it in a cooker upto 3 whistle, after it gets cool grind it to fine paste. Now grind badam & poppy seeds into fine paste. Now add condensed milk &a

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