Sep 4, 2008

Tapiaco dosa

Tapioca called maravalikizhangu in is very rich in carbohydrate. sago is made out of this.

Tapioca (maravallikizhangu) 25o g
Idli rice 1cup
Raw rice 1/2cup
Black gram (ulundu) 1 Table spoon
Salt (as per taste)
Oil (for dosai)
Cut tapioca into small pieces. Soak rice,dal together abt 2hours and grind it wih tapioca pieces. Batter should be in normal dosa batter consistency. Now place the tawa on stove pour the batter in center of tawa & make it flat by circular motion, after few seconds turn it other side.Now tapioca dosa is ready to serve. Have the dosa immediately otherwise it’ll become hard. Serve it with onion chuttney .

If u add more tapioca than mentioned above, raw rice quantity can be reduced.This batter is not necessary to get fermentation.

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