Sep 14, 2008

Angaya podi

Angaya podi (Traditional) - It balances vatham & pitham level in our body, it cures indigestion & stomach upset. Especially for delivered women it is a very good pathiya podi. Ingredients added in this podi have their medicinal value. Abdominal organ gets relief from toxins when adding this podi in our meal. It can be used as regular as paruppu podi.

Red chilli 4 nos
Coariander seeds 1/2 cup
Black pepper 2 tsp
Cummin seeds 2 tsp
Dried neem flower 1/4 cup
Dried sundakkai 25nos
Asafoetida (white chick pea size)
Curry leaves 15 strands
Urad dal 1 tsp
Toor dhal 1tsp
Bengal gram 1/2 tsp
Dryginger powder (sukku) 3 tsp
salt (as per taste)
oil 1 tsp

Fry Neem flower without oil. Adding 1tsp oil, fry all the ingredients from table 1. Grind it with dry ginger powder (sukku) & salt in powder form. Mix this podi & sesame oil with steamed rice, now it is ready to serve.

Oil is required to fry asefodita only. No oil required to fry other items. I use to fry everything without oil only. Dry ginger can be replaced by ginger powder. Should be kept the podi in air tight container, can be used when required. Above mentioned ratio is what my elders do. I've prepared this(as in picture) according to our taste. We like neem flower taste so i add it more so ratio of chilly also more.

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  1. padmavaty7/17/2011

    Hello Vijayalakshmi,
    Very nice blog and useful to many people. That too having very old recipes which has health remedies. Good job.