Sep 16, 2008

Soya Milk

Everyone knows that Soya milk is good for health. I use to prepare it myself at home. In my place it’s so expensive to buy soya milk. It is very easy to prepare at home by ourselves. It has very excellent proteins. It is good for heart & reduces bad cholesterol (Ldl) it contains isoflavones. We can get 1 litre milk from 100 gm beans.

Soya bean - 1/2 cup
Water - 2 cups
Cheese cloth (for strain)

Soak soya bean in cold water for about 12 hrs, bean will expand after soaking. Wash it 2 times & grind the soaked bean with 2 cup of water in a mixi. Now strain the grinded soya through cheesecloth or any other cotton cloth. Pour the grinded mixer in to the cloth, Strain it & collect the milk. The insoluble particle that remains on sieve is called okara. Before boiling remove the foam that floats on milk by hands which helps to clear the milk. Now boil the filtered milk in medium flame up to 20 mts stir it in between often. It blows like ordinary milk. After boiling thin layer will form is called yuba (like paal eddu), allow it to cool, then pour it into a bottle and keep refrigerated. You can consume this soya milk upto 5 days. Before drinking reheat it slightly or use cool soya milk. I add date syrup with this milk. Now healthy soymilk is ready.

Do not boil soya milk too much coz the vitamin will destroy.
With the above-mentioned steps i prepare soya milk every week. After many trials I fixed this above preparation.
Need not to throw the particle, which remains on the sieve (okara). i’ll make it as small balls & leave it to dry in sunlight

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