Sep 2, 2008

Neer dosa

Neer dosa is special in Karnataka (dakshan kannada) konkoni called this Paan pole. Mangalorian use to prepare this dosa. Neer means water, this dosa batter seems watery that’s why it is named as Neer dosa. One of my neighbour, Manglorian, told abt this dosa, really we liked its taste. This dosa taste is different than usual dosa. If you have Neer dosa with burned (sutta) tomato chutney, the taste will be yummy.

Raw rice 1 cup
Coconut 1/2 cup (grated)
Salt (as per taste)

Wash & soak rice in water for 4-5 hrs. Grind it along with coconut and salt. Batter should be in thin consistency as butter milk. Use the batter after 1 hour. Pour the batter in center of tawa and rotate the tawa so the batter spreads into a circle Form. Don’t use ladle to make it circle. When dosa edges will separate from the tawa at the time flip it. Serve this dosa with tomato hot chutney.
Batter should be grinded finely. It doesn’t need to flip the dosa on other side but I do like to cook other side also. It doesn’t require fermentation, can be used immediately but I keep the batter at least for an hr.


  1. Viji,
    neer dosa oda sutta tomato chutney nalla irrukkum nu sonneengala.... chutney oda recipe pls

  2. sure i'll post the chutney