Sep 26, 2008

Nannari Kirni Fruit

Kirni pazham called musk melon in English. It is good for intestines & also gives coolness to the body. Here I used badam pisin & nannari which gives coolness to the body.

Musk melon – ½ cup
Nanari syrup - 1tbs
Soaked Badam pisin – 1 tbs
Lemon juice – ½ tsp

Cut the melon and scoop it by spoon. Take this scooped melon in a glass. Add nanari syrup, badam pisin and lemon juice one by one and mix it well. Have this coo………l drink.


  1. Yennaku venume... am drooling Viji..

  2. oh.. thank u priya

  3. hi!
    actually i was searchin for "Kirni pazham" in English, luckily i came across ur blog. hope both the names musk melon & cantaloupe r the same...nyway thank u...

  4. Hi Viji,

    Do you know what is the english name for Badam Pisin? I am in UK and trying to buy but without a english name its difficult here!


  5. Anonymous8/25/2009

    HI Viji.. i like to know one thing whether taking up badam pisin will add up some weight in our body?.. my body is very hot so i decided to go for abdam pisin but one of DR said it vil add up weight already am Gundu!! so suggest me in this.. pls write me to

  6. Anonymous3/02/2010

    Can someone pls tell me what is badam pisin ...I have searching the internet and still not able to get the English name or atleast a picture of it .. help me plssssss

  7. Anonymous7/07/2010

    Same here.. Can anyone please let us know what is badam pisin? there is no info available in the internet. pls tell us the english name?

  8. Anonymous11/12/2010

    badam pisin is called almond gum in english..its also used to make jigarthanda which is famous in madurai.

  9. Anonymous4/26/2011

    is alond gum a right word for badam pisin plz help me out in uk wanna buy it plzzzzzzzzzz no one undsts if i say badam pisin