Oct 16, 2008


I have been tagged by ramya Thanks to Ramya for this opportunity & Happy to say about 7 facts about me

The rules are:
a) List the rules on the blog
b) Share 7 facts about you
c) Tag 7 other people at the end of the blog

7 facts about me Hmmmmm

1. I’m interested to know everything & I try for it.

2. Music & books are my world and they are my very good friends, I learnt carnatic music, Can’t mention particular singer in carnatic, I like everyone’s style. I forget everything when hear melodies. Particularly I love ilayaraja’s composing, that too in s.p. b voice wow!!!!!!!!!! No words to say….

3. I love friend ship, those who respect friends & human being truly. Here one of my friend mailed these words to me and I would like to share it b’cose I too feel the same. If we’ve affectionate friends with us then it will also be a valuable property.

"Friends have to accept us for whatever we are....those who let us be ourselves become heartiest friends...at the same time, any initial negative feelings may not totally affect the friendship, too....sometimes it goes off...
sometimes some inferior feeling, short temper or some other minus points shouldn't affect the friendship"

4. Apart from everything I‘ve passion in spiritual, I feel & like to look inside myself. I learnt yoga in my teen age & having regular practice.

5. I love to cook, and i trust when we show dedication in cooking, the dish will come out delicious & tasty, I follow it also.

6. I believe in ‘supreme power’ than anything.

7.I like to enjoy everything like a child what nature has given & enna prujikarathau konjam kastamthan!!!!!!

I would like to tag



  1. Yennaku konjam konjam ungala puriyuthu viji..hehe...glad to know about u more..

  2. nice Meme..viji....now i know my friend more....thanks

  3. Nice to know ur thru Meme Viji... Have a gr8 day!

  4. Thanks viji, will post it soon.

  5. Priya yenna ungaluku konjam puriyutha,i'm happy...... and thanks to all my friends for comments

  6. Hey Vij......
    Congrats and thanks for passing on the award to me...
    That was so nice of you dear.....
    Coming to he MEME i have done it recently......so i will be reposting my recent post with a link to the MEME post just for you...ok dear....but i dont feel like tagging others because they usually say the same......so its just for you.

  7. Raaji really thanks for ur words

  8. Hi Viji,

    This is Sailaja(Sailurecipes). You have tagged me in MEME and passed the 'Butterfly Award' to me.

    Thank You Viji.

    But till now I don't know how to respond to this. Finally, asking you itself. Can I know wht MEME is?