Oct 22, 2008


This Kozh will be distributed in Mariamman koil, Tamilnadu. It is a healthy recipe & also good for diabetic. It gives coolness to our body. They serve this kozh with Murungai keerai poriyal & raw onion will be added to this kozh. Here I dint add raw onion. They use Raw rice ‘Noyie’ for this kozh, that too I’ve changed as per my wish & i used boiled rice. Ragi powder can be prepared at home itself, but I used store bought ragi powder. They add & cook Noyie when ragi powder is boiling, I want to make it in easy way so I used cooker.


Ragi powder – 5 tbsn

Butter milk – 3cups

Boiled rice – handful


By adding enough water soak Ragi powder for about 8-10 hrs. Break boiled rice in a mixie. Again add excess amount of water with this soaked ragi powder & add broken boiled rice, leave upto 4-5 whistle in cooker. After it becomes cool, add butter milk & salt in to the kozh. Chopped raw onion can be added according to their taste.After cooking ragi powder increase in quantity.Enjoy the healthy kooz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. OOrula thiruvizha nabagam vara madhri pannitingale ViJI... i like ragi koozhu very much..

  2. mmm... Its a filling and healthy recipe. It's been a long time since I had it... Thanks for reminding me, Viji...

  3. ragi koozhu is good.....very nice recipe....

  4. I like this koozh too..chinna vayasula amma comple panni kudupanga appo dint know its importance :)Thanks viji for sending i t to EH contest!

  5. First time here you have a beautiful blog...ragi koozh is yum...I have some ragi at home will give this a try...

  6. I love koozh though I have never prepared it myself. Thanks for the recipe Viji.

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    Cool koozhu Viji..Very nice

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  10. Koozh looks very delicious and super...

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